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Great Irish Beverages is all about celebrating and promoting Irish made drinks. This takes us all round the world and across the island of Ireland. The type of work we do varies from concentrated advocacy for bartenders and media, to mass experiential. One week can see us conducting cocktail training for Jameson bartenders in Japan, to following that up with running the Irish Gin & Tonic Fest with hundreds of venues around Ireland. 

Director and founder Oisin Davis, has 25 years of hospitality and drinks industry experience. He’s had lots of job titles in those sectors – from bouncer to brand owner! In addition to Great Irish Beverages, he was co founder of Poacher’s Premium Irish Mixers and the first non alcohol bar in Europe, The Virgin Mary. In between client engagements, he loves to do a wee bit of writing for Food & Wine Ireland and Food For Thought. Read on to check out our current big project…

Once the most popular style of whiskey in the world and then nearly lost to the ravages of war and prohibition, single pot still Irish whiskey is now back in the limelight. It’s even winning global whiskey competitions
Defined as a whiskey made in the one Irish distillery with a mix of malted and unmalted barley, in a copper pot still. It is unique to Ireland, represents how Irish whiskey was first made and features some of the best whiskies to be ever made here. 
We here at Great Irish Beverages feel its time to honour this incredibly spicy, rich and robust liquid gold and its incredible legacy. So we’ve teamed up with our favourite single pot still brands and are rolling out a very special festival, Irish SinglePot Still Whiskey Week. 
It’s on from November 9th – 16th and its all about celebrating all the fantastic ways to enjoy single pot still Irish whiskies. Whether served alongside a beer, paired with a food dish, mixed into a cocktail, or of course neat!
Through our festival whiskey partners, any venue across Ireland will be allowed to participate. By doing so, your venue will get its own page on our site and be actively promoted by our team for being part of a brand new, nationwide initiative. And when the festival starts, the public can vote for their favourite venue by using the hashtag #PotStillHero. The winning venue picks up a €1,000 prize and can nominate a registered charity to receive another €1,000. 
Here’s how your venue can get involved. 


To get started, you need to register your venue’s details as well as the main contact for the venue. Click on the Register Your Venue button on the top right of our site. You then have to decide on one brand you want to work and what kind of serve your venue should go with for it. There is a choice between: 

– Cocktail 
This is where you make a cocktail with the chosen single pot still brand. The single pot still whiskey must be the leading spirit in the brand and should contain at least 35 ml of spirit.

– Beer Pairing 
If your venue has a solid reputation for its beers and whiskies, then why not pair a beer with a single pot still whiskey?

– Flight 
Keep it simple by selecting a single pot still whiskey brand and offer up a flight of their family range. 

– Food Pairing
Get your chefs involved on this one! Pair a single pot still whiskey with a food dish that you can either sell in your restaurant or bar. 


We’ve made it easy for you to share your venue’s involvement with Irish Single Pot Still Whiskey Week. To begin with, we’ve made a promotional video that you can share on your venue’s social media. This will indicate what the festival is all about and how the public can vote. 
We’ll also email you a poster with your selected brand on it. You can then print that off and stick it round your venue to show your customers that you’ll be taking part and how they can vote for your venue. 

Then you’ve just got to make sure that all your staff have been briefed as to how your venue is taking part with the type of pot still serve you’re going with. You then want to encourage your customers to vote for your venue as #PotStillHero. They can do that by tagging your venue in a Twitter or Instagram post and by using the #PotStillHero hashtag. Or for Facebook, they can cast a vote by posting on our Facebook page, www.facebook.com/GreatIrishBeverages and stating your venue to be their #PotStillHero. 
It’s one vote per person for each social media platform. Voting begins at 12 pm on November 9th and closes at 12 pm November 17th. 

After that,


Pot Still Irish whiskies are now geographically protected and finally back to being revered around the world again. This is great for Ireland. Pot Still whiskey could be what wines are for Burgundy or for what malt whiskies are for Scotland. But there is a lack of awareness around these remarkable spirits in Ireland. We want to address that and what better way than with a festival! Having said that, it’s got to work for the venues too and here’s why we think you should get involved. 


We have a strong track record for generating PR around our festivals like the Irish Gin & Tonic Fest. By being on board and having your venue’s page on our site, it will be exposed to both national and international media. If you want to have your venue featured in this press with TV, Radio, Newspapers and Blogs, you’ll need to register. Don’t forget, registration is free!


By virtue of you being on board, it’s indicating that your venue is a bona fide high end Irish whiskey destination. Not every bar can say that and you’ll be part of a great network! 


A €1,000 cash prize is a nice thing for your venue to pick up, donating another €1,000 to a registered charity of your choice we think is even better! In addition to all that though, for your venue to take the #PotStillHero prize will give your venue a huge amount of publicity as we create an additional press release around that. 

You can get us on oisin@greatirishbeverages.com and info@greatirishbeverages.com if you have any further questions. 
In addition to that, there is a series of tastings and the odd party taking place!
Here you’ll find details for them all – feel free to get stuck in and join us!
All events are over 18’s, please enjoy the whiskeys responsibly.

~ The Harbour Bar, Bray, county Wicklow @ 7pm
Powers Single Pot Still, 12 Year Old Exclusive Single Cask Launch
Free to attend


~ The Rag Trader, Drury Street, Dublin 2 @ 7pm
Irish pot still whiskey tasting with brand ambassador, Rowan Lacey
Free to attend

~ Celtic Whiskey Bar & Larder, Killarney, county Kerry @ 6 – 10pm
Powers Single Pot Still tasting with brand ambassador Derek King.
Free to attend.


~ Pot Still Party at Dublin Bar Academy, North King Street, @ 6.30pm – 8.30pm.
Four different pot still serves for just €25 plus booking fee.
Ticket link here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/pot-still-party-tickets-77303987307

~ The Skeff Late Bar & Kitchen, Eyre Square, Galway from 7pm
Skeff Winter Warmer launch, look out for the single pot still varieties!
Free to attend.


~ The Skeff Late Bar & Kitchen, Eyre Square, Galway from 7pm
Skeff Winter Warmer launch, look out for the single pot still varieties!
Free to attend.


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