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Introducing Irish Cider & Food Day

Irish Cider & Food Day (#IrishCiderFoodDay) is Great Irish Beverage’s new one-day celebration of Irish ciders and Irish food, taking place in bars, hotels and restaurants throughout the island. On Thursday 3rd September 2015, participating venues will pair an Irish cider of their choice with an Irish food dish of their creation.

Irish Cider & Food Day aims to showcase the huge variety of excellent Irish ciders on the market today. Each one of the broad range of cider styles featured is produced using Irish-grown apples treated with respect by small-scale craft producers. By pairing Irish cider with great local food, we also hope to prove the surprising food-friendliness of what is after all the closest thing to Irish wine.
Sound like a tall claim? Like wine, cider is fermented rather than brewed, and like grapes, apples contain tannins that can come through in the final product. But unlike wine (which, let’s face it, we’re never going to have the weather for) cider is experiencing an exciting renaissance here on Irish shores. Time to get pairing and savouring!