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Black Twist


Cold Brew Coffee Spirit

We believe truly great things are possible in the space where two worlds meet; a place where the unexpected is to be embraced, not feared. That’s why we set out to bring the finest speciality coffee & Irish whiskey together in a bold new way, to create Ireland’s first Cold Brew Coffee Spirit.


We use 100% natural ingredients of the highest quality, including Single Origin Arabica coffee from Kenya and a mix of grain & malt Irish whiskey from West Cork. To retain the true character of both worlds in the final drink, we cold brew our ground coffee in whiskey. This requires time, patience and the sacrifice of some whiskey to the coffee gods, but the result speaks for itself.


Black Twist is a drink with less sweetness and more character. We call it Hard Coffee.

“A very real flavour to it…coffee flavour is extraordinary”

“Wonderfully balanced with great depth and a smooth finish”

– Great Taste Judges, 2017 (Awarded 2 stars)