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Black’s Gin


Sam and Maud Black are a husband and wife team who started their brewing and distilling company Blacks Brewery in 2013, in Kinsale, Co.Cork. This venture/obsession first began many years ago when Maud gave Sam a beer making kit for Valentine’s Day. 
Black’s started distilling onsite at their brewery in Kinsale in late 2014. At the time it was the only co-located brewery and distillery in Ireland. The Distillery makes small batch run of Irish Poitin, US Style Moonshine  but the main production focus has always been Gin.  

Sam Black had developed his skills in producing award winning beer recipes and so he began Gin recipe development in the same vain. His first few attempts at creating a recipe for Blacks Gin did not go very well at all, in fact only Sam seemed to like the hopped gin he came up with (hops being a typical beer ingredient). Thankfully Maudeline Black, his wife and business partner took charge of the project and developed and refined her Gin through a full 17 recipe variations before she deemed it ready.

 “Living The Dream Since 2013″