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Bonac 24 Gin


Bonac 24 Irish Gin is the first product from a Wicklow based distillery established by father and son, Michael and Gavin Clifford. The project was the result of many years of discussion between the two on opening a family business. The idea for the distillery came from a passion of Gavin’s and also his time spent working in the drinks industry in New York. After studying in college here in Ireland, Gavin emigrated to the United States where he saw an opportunity to turn a passion of his into a business.


On returning to Ireland, the two began research with visits to many craft distilleries. They commissioned John Dore & Co (one of the oldest still manufacturers in the world) to design the still. The still and all other equipment was then manufactured here in Ireland. When building the brand, there was a huge emphasis placed on creating something real and original. Authenticity has been placed at the core of Bonac 24. It was here that Gavin drew inspiration from his time spent in New York, or more specifically, his summers spent working in the Hamptons, which is affectionately known to the locals as Bonac, long named after both the Accabonac harbor and creek. After 24 attempts, they felt that they had created something entirely unique and special, and so Bonac 24 was born.