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Egan's WHiskey Irish Cocktail Fest

Egan’s Irish Whiskey


In 1852 Patrick Egan purchased the Bridge House in Tullamore, County Offaly, the beating heart of 19th century Ireland. The was the start of what would become P&H Egan. Patrick Sr’s Son’s, Patrick and Henry took over the business in the late 1800’s and developed it into a wide ranging commercial enterprise that encompassed brewing, bottling, malting and of course whiskey!

Egan’s Vintage Grain is a celebration of the extraordinary industry and endeavour of our forefathers and their passion for the craft of malting, brewing and bottling. 

Casked in American oak bourbon barrels for a minimum of eight years, this single grain Irish Whiskey was meticulously hand-selected by Jonathan V. Egan, the sixth generation of a family with whiskey in their blood. 

A truly unique Irish Whiskey expression, Egan’s Vintage Grain’s lighter style compares very favourably to it’s heavier Pot Still and Single Malt cousins. 


FEATURED DRINK: Egan's Irish Whiskey