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Kinsale Gin


Kinsale Gin is currently distilled by the team under the watchful eye of master distillers while the search continues for a perfect home in Kinsale.


Kinsale Gin is a London dry gin which means that the botanicals are distilled with the alcohol and nothing can be added after the distillation


Many of the botanicals used in the gin are grown or foraged in Kinsale and West Cork. When we tested recipes we distilled each individual botanical to assess its own flavour profile , how it reacted to heat and alcohol – the process developed and enhanced some aromas and tastes while it changed or diminished others. Elderflower trees are in abundance in Kinsale and its surrounds. Elderflower and elderberries are some of our key botanicals. Meadowsweet would be a lesser known and used botanical but is also plentiful in Kinsale and gives the gin a lovely honey overtone.


We use dried whole lemons and limes – these have a spicy citrus flavour, unlike the flavour from normal lemons and limes and are an interesting addition to our botanicals – in a crowded market, subtle differences like this are important.


Global events affect some of our botanicals. We have over 20 botanicals, a few of which are not indigenous to Ireland – for example we use vanilla, which is currently really hard to source as most of it comes from Madagascar which has been hit by cyclones over the past year causing most of the crop to be wiped out.


When we finalised the recipe, we brought a test batch of 100 bottles to market in the autumn of 2016 and launched the product fully in early 2017.