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Listoke 1777 Irish Gin


Listoke 1777 is a multi-award winning Irish gin. Since it’s launch in October 2016, Listoke 1777 has been received with much excitement both in Ireland and abroad. Listoke 1777 is distilled in the Listoke Distillery, a state of the art facility purpose built for gin production, in the sleepy village of Tenure in the heart of the Boyne Valley, Co.Louth. The gin is produced in small batches of 350 litres at a time. The gin derives all its flavour from the 9 botanicals used in the distillation, a completely naturally flavoured gin. The gin is bottled, sealed and prepared all by hand. A delicious and memorable gin, Listoke 1777 is most enjoyable with a premium tonic, it also stands it’s ground firmly in any gin cocktail.¬†A life well lived a gin well loved.

Festival Event: June 24th, Listoke Distillery, Tenure, Louth
Due to the phenomenal success of Listoke 1777 Premium Irish Gin and the demand for places at Listoke Gin school, Ireland’s only gin school, the team behind Listoke Distillery have had to leave their humble beginnings in a barn and relocate to a purpose built unit, in the sleepy village of Tenure, in the heart of the beautiful Boyne Valley Co.Louth. As part of the Irish Gin & Tonic fest Listoke Distilery will open on Sunday June 24th for visitors to taste Listoke 1777 and 2 of the other premium Gin’s that are produced in the new Listoke distillery. Visitors will then take a brief tour of the Listoke Gin school and Distillery. Following the tour, visitors will be treated to a Listoke Gin pairing with some of the delicious local food produced in the locality by members of the “Boyne Valley Flavours”. Tickets are available on the Listoke website at 35 Euros a head. Don’t miss out, with the demand for Listoke Gin School we suspect these will move fast.https://listokedistillery.ie


FEATURED DRINK: Listoke 1777 Irish Gin