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Long Meadow Blossom Burst Cider


Long Meadow Cider is a family-run business located on the outskirts of Portadown. Recently established in January 2014 by father and son Pat and Peter McKeever, Long Meadow Cider is the result of an ambitious diversification programme that is driven by the family’s love and knowledge of the apple industry. The McKeever family have been growing apples for over three generations and know only too well the importance of high quality apples within high-quality cider. By taking control of everything from plant to pour they have produced natural, artisan craft ciders. Theirs are true artisan craft ciders made from 100% natural apples grown and harvested on the home farm, pressed and fermented over time in order to create their Medium, Blossom Burst and Oak Ages Cider. These are widely available at many off-licences, bars, restaurants and hotels within Northern Ireland and more recently in the Republic of Ireland as well as being exported to France and Norway.

Primary Contact: Patrick McKeever