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Mac Ivors Traditional Dry


Mac Ivors Cider Co. has grown out of a small family firm that has farmed in Ardress, Co Armagh for the past 150 years. The small apple-growing and processing business is nestled amongst its own orchards and has grown up organically around the family homestead. Using hand-picked apples from their orchards, and from other local apple growers, the company produces its award-winning cider on site. Greg MacNeice is the cider-maker. Along with his father Sam, he farms 100 acres of apple orchards. Having grown up surrounded by apples, cider seemed like a natural choice to Greg, but it was not until he tasted the fragrant and aromatic ‘cidres’ of northern France  five years ago that he was inspired to use their own delicious apples to create their own distinctively Irish craft cider.

Primary Contact: Greg MacNeice