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Mad March Hare Irish Cocktail Fest

Mad March Hare Poitín


Ireland’s oldest spirit was forced underground in 1661, by the unwelcome British crown, who tried to tax it to the hilt. However, Ireland’s love affair with poitín never died and it was secretly distilled for over 300 years. Mooney, one of Ireland’s most infamous and elusive distillers of poitín was said to be as Mad as a March Hare due to the fact that he would distill his poitín when storms and bad weather would approach, using the elements as a guise to cover up the true nature of what he was doing.

Mad March Hare poitín uses only the best, locally sourced malted barley and from there, is distilled in copper pot stills. Our award winning poitín is triple distilled which makes for a truly unique experience to all who sample.


FEATURED DRINK: Mad March Hare Poitín