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Poacher’s Citrus Irish Tonic Water


Poacher’s Premium Irish Mixers is the first company in Ireland to produce all natural, high quality, low sugar mixers that all feature Irish ingredients. 


Ever wondered why gin & tonic tastes so darn good?


Well this much loved pairing is a particular phenomenon because strangely enough, the chemical structures of both gin and tonic are of a similar molecular shape and hence attract each other, creating a perfectly balanced taste.


But enough of the science talk, at Poacher’s we know the source of a great partnership needs little explanation. Like the fresh Irish rosemary and natural Florida orange that goes into our famous Citrus Tonic Water. In fact bartenders have been creating a new Irish duo by pairing it with local citrus forward gins.


So in the words of the Gallagher brothers, another notorious twosome “I’m feeling supersonic, give me gin and tonic”.


FEATURED DRINK: Poacher's Citrus Irish Tonic Water