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Shortcross Logo Irish Gin and Tonic Fest 2017

Shortcross Gin


Rademon Estate Distillery is one of Ireland’s leading distilleries and the home of Shortcross Gin. We produce innovative, premium spirits for the discerning consumer.
We aspired to create something unique that was reminiscent of our surrounding forests and gardens at our breathtaking 500 acre Rademon Estate. Dense, lush, verdant and alive with nature, it’s a playground of botanicals, from which we draw our inspiration for Shortcross Gin. We forage wild clover; giving a delicate essence of wild meadows. Elderflowers & elderberries combine to create both uplifting floral notes and smooth sweet flavours, while our apples from the walled garden contribute fresh aromas and lively sweet notes. Our final recipe remains close to our heart but we include juniper, coriander, orange and cassia to which we blend with our very own pure, fresh water drawn from our historic estate well.

Our still was custom made to our bespoke specification by the oldest family of german still makers, so we like to think of it as something very beautiful and special. We aim to do things a little differently so we have combined the best of old & new technology; a 450L copper pot still & two enrichment columns. Each mighty column houses seven individual bubble plates enabling us to set just the right level of reflux when we distil which helps to create a smooth and aromatic spirit. Creating Shortcross Gin has been a true love affair for both of us, we wanted to rekindle a distilling tradition that spans back centuries in Ireland, it has taken time to build and create our distillery, time to travel the world and craft our skills, so when we distil we do so slowly, we hand bottle, wax dip and sign each bottle. The process may be slow but it’s worth it.


FEATURED DRINK: Shortcross Gin