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Stonewell Medium Dry


Stonewell Cider was founded in 2010 by husband and wife team Daniel & Geraldine Emerson on their farm in Nohoval, Co Cork. Armed wth an old wine press passed on by Geraldine’s parents, who were wine-makers from the Loire Valley, Daniel started learning the art of cider-making with his small orchard in 2007. From the outset the goal was to create refined ciders with character using only apple juice and yeast, and this has remained at the core of how Stonewell is made. Since the company was establised in 2010 its ciders have been well-received and secured numerous awards both domestically and overseas. Stonewell continues to expand its range of ciders to highlight the exceptional versatility of the humble apple and how it can create a drink to delight.

Primary Contact: Daniel Emerson