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Tullamore Dew


As the world’s second largest Irish whiskey brand, Tullamore Dew is most definitely going from strength to strength. It is now celebrating its first year anniversary of the new distillery which was part of a major 35 million investment back into the town of Tullamore. One thing that many people don’t know about our brand is that the D.E.W actually stands for the name of a gentlemen called Daniel Edmund Williams who made the brand what it is today. Our Brand story revolves around the idea of being Irish True, a sense of rebelliousness and true character and a knowledge that Irish culture has a depth of poetry, music and literature that is unparalled and is something we must continue to showcase.


An eye for an eye,

A hand for a hand,

Trust in the music and strike up the band,

For the more that we sing, the less that we fight,

Time and again this proves to be right

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