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Von Hallers Irish Gin & Tonic Fest

Von Hallers Gin


Infused with German Ginger & Slow Distilled in Ireland Von Hallers Gin is created in Germany and crafted in Ireland. Count Carl Von Hardenberg Jr. came over to learn the craft of hand distillation at The Shed Distillery in Drumshanbo, Co.Leitrim, where he discovered Irish botanicals and distilling with gleaming copper pot stills –a method unchanged since medieval times.

On his return to Germany, Carl began to dream of a gin that would combine the meticulous approach of his homeland with the freedom and inventiveness of Ireland. He began at the famous Göttingen Botanical Gardens, established in 1736 by the physician, poet and – above all- botanist, Albrecht Von Haller.  In Göttingen, Carl hand-picks German ginger and lemon verbena, and brings them to be distilled slowly with Irish angelica at The Shed Distillery.

The outcome is a remarkable gin, aromatic, distinctive, pure and born of two traditions: wholly German, fully Irish and altogether unique.

Distributed Nationwide by Dalcassian Wines and Spirits. – http://www.dalcassianwines.com/